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Corporate Background

Xgene Corporation was founded in 1998 by Dr. Hoeffler just as he was leaving Stanford University Medical School's Department of Dermatology. The company was created to commercialize technology developed for producing a full-thickness human skin equivalent, CeSSETM (Cell-Sorted Skin Equivalent), pronounced "cease." This acronym has special meaning in light of worldwide legislation mandating the cessation of animal testing. Xgene's skin model based on the CeSSETM technology is called AccuskinTM and has immediate application as a substitute for animal testing, and so Xgene is uniquely positioned to take advantage of a lucrative new market. AccuskinTM has broad applications in the cosmetics, personal care, and other consumer products industries and therefore there is an immediate need for human skin for testing and future grafting. This, in combination with medical application in wound healing and disease, has created tremendous demand for our products and services. The patent position for the CeSSETM technology, as well as multiple patents pending on enhancements of this technology, is owned by Xgene Corporation worldwide.

Company Profile

Located in a modern lab facility in Sausalito, California, Xgene Corporation was founded to develop and commercialize two promising new technologies: 

  • CeSSEŌ (Cell-Sorted Skin Equivalent, pronounced “cease”), a propietary technology for producing a full-thickness human skin equivalent termed AccuskinTM.

  • a recent Xgene advance in the area of the control of gene expression.


Skin Engineering

The Company is focusing its initial product development on products incorporating the CeSSE technology, a unique process for creating a “full-thickness” skin equivalent incorporating both epidermis and dermis. Xgene intends to be a leader in developing engineered skin products including high-throughput assays for drug candidate testing and skin equivalent for medical grafting applications. 


Xgene believes it can make a significant contribution to the elimination of animal testing by creating testing products based on the CeSSE technology. Xgene’s products will satisfy the powerful political demands for the cessation of animal testing and the tremendous industrial demand for alternatives to animal testing. 


Xgene intends to build on its technical advance to offer a high level of scientific expertise in the field of cutaneous biology, and to aid in the design and implementation of new skin products. This will make Xgene an ideal corporate collaborator for companies interested in developing the new generation of skin care products.   




Xgene will also develop a new technology based on recent company work relating to the regulation of gene expression. The importance of the human genome to human health is no longer in question and increasingly it is recognized that inappropriate gene expression lies at the heart of most human diseases. Recent research has established the role played by genes in cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, inflammation and obesity, more often than not the result of inappropriate gene activity. 


However, despite the immense progress made in biotechnology in recent years, the mechanism by which genes are selectively turned on ("expressed") or off remains a mystery. Xgene believes it has a powerful new technology for improving our understanding this mechanism. 


This discovery has many applications including developing new gene-based products for the skin, testing products for both research and medical diagnosis, and developing new approaches to the treatment of a variety of diseases caused by inappropriate gene expression. 



Intellectual Property

The patent position for the CeSSETM technology, as well as multiple patents pending on enhancements of this technology, is owned by Xgene Corporation worldwide. Xgene also has patents-pending on multiple aspects of its gene regulation-related technology. 



Development Strategy

Xgene intends to accelerate the exploitation of its technologies by developing strong, funded collaborations with pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic and other interested firms. The Company has already entered into collaborative agreements with other firms, and is actively seeking additional corporate partners for collaborations in both skin engineering and genomics.