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Synthetic Lung
Synthetic Blood Vessels


Our innovative technologies provide medical and cosmetic advances ready for product use. We preserve life by freezing living tissues and microscopic animals, viable upon thaw. Additionally, Xgene provides synthetic tissues made from living cells. See our technologies.

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Cryotronic Freezing

Synthetic Bone

Novato and San Carlos, CA. (May 12, 2016) As a way to quantitate biological activity of plant derived polyphenols, Liveleaf Inc. has retained Xgene Corporation to evaluate anti-scarring activity of its' formulations and fractions. The Fibrosis Assay, developed and owned by Xgene, is a high through-put assay conducted using human fibroblasts triggered by TGF-Beta to produce scar collagens I and III. Compounds are added to individual wells to read their effectiveness in limiting scar collagen accumulation. This unique assay allows for identification of compounds capable of treating fibrotic diseases, one of the greatest problems affecting human health. It is being used to provide a sensitive biological assay of polyphenols across Liveleaf's product line. The Xgene Fibrosis Assay should be of interest to the community of companies and medical specialists working to limit fibrosis.

Novato, CA (June 25, 2016) Xgene returns to commercial operations after a period of research and development. Commenting on this return, Warren Hoeffler, Ph.D., President and CEO of Xgene says, "We are thrilled to offer the marketplace a new set of technologies developed at Xgene. We strive to offer technologies which are among the best in the industry and provide solutions to product development uniquely available only by working with Xgene."

Novato and Alameda, CA (September 12, 2014) Xgene Corporation holds an important patent on assembly of human cells into a 3-D organ equivalent consisting of discreet epithelial and mesenchymal layers. Biotime Inc. commercializes human stem cell derived progenitor cells and holds numerous patents in the stem cell arena. By working together, we are exploring how stem cells can be assembled into functional units comprising organs. Such advances may lead to more effective ways of introducing stem cell therapies into the human body.

The San Francisco Bay Area spawns the next level of biomedical innovation and component manufacturing: Xgene Corporation. Xgene provides unmatched expertise in cell assembly into functional tissues and cryo-storage. We work with pharmaceutical companies as a facilitator for disease modeling and creator of synthetic tissue-based assays. Working in the field of regenerative medicine, we assemble stem cells into functional tissues. Since 2005, California Proposition 71 has financed a decade of stem cell research and billions of dollars have yielded valuable insights, but unassembled stem cell therapies have come up short. The promise of successful stem cell therapy can be fulfilled using our patented Xgene method of assembling cells.


Scanning Electron Micrograph image of a pore
Unsurpassed viability after Cryotronic freezing of epithelial sheets in culture
IHC staining for Involucrin and Filaggrin
Cryostat Freezing
Accuskin TM
Nascent Hair Follicles