1- Choosing one of our futuristic technologies or retaining us to develop a technology.
2- Describing the problem you need to solve by providing an application.
3- Signing a contract to adapt the technology to fit your application exactly.
4- We provide short term manufacture of the biological system for testing.
5- We design scale-up models for  large scale implementation.

Xgene defines what the biotech industry is becoming: an efficient organiztion searching for effective medical/biological solutions. We are involved with active ingredient screening, looking to find compounds with theraputic effect in biological assays. Located in the biotech hub of the San Francisco Bay Area, our technology guarantees world-class innovation. We start with cell-based assays and go beyond ordinary 3-D models, assembling tissues into functional organ elements. The models begin with stem cells, primary cells or cancer cells. We have discovered new ways to gain access into biological systems by reproducing critical aspects in vitro, revealing new lead compunds. Approach us by:

Cryotronic Freezing –Cryotronics describes the steps regulating freezing for optimal maintenance of life. We have made incredible headway by discovering what is required to allow monolayer cultures of human epithelial cells or interconnected masses of cells to be frozen and thawed with exceptional viability. Cells no longer require days of recovery before growth rates resume. Our method works with C.elegans worms, including full adults (as shown on the home page). Freezing life to -196*C in liquid nitrogen suspends life chemistry until restoration at thaw. We invented an improved freezing appliance used with our cryo-preservation formulation.


3-D Spontaneous Cell Sorting – Cells are the building blocks of life, but what is the best way to assemble cells into layers of tissue?  It has been recognized for years that making synthetic skin is important for use as a model for developing medical treatments, consumer products and cosmetics. Commercial skin models have been in use for years, with most customers disappointed in the results. We have created a vastly improved alternative, Accuskin, whereby skin is made from spontaneous cell sorting of mixed cell slurries. Xgene owns a U.S. patent on this technology. We are currently using this technique to create other tissues such as lung, bone and hair follicles. Our cell programming improvements have yielded better tissue/organ models across a variety of tissues.


Blood Vessel Microvasculature Assembly – We have stronger micro-vasculature assembly than previously seen using endothelial cells plated on Matrigel and, importantly, dependent on VEGF. This is the ideal platform for development of improved anti-cancer drugs.


Anti-fibrosis Compound Screening – We have engineered a plate assay which yields massive collagen induction in a TGF-b dependent reaction. Anti-fibrosis compounds screened using this method show some effectiveness of currently know compounds and one strong agonist. We are screening for anti-fibrotic lead compounds.


Hair Follicle Formation - Select conditions yield early hair follicle formation using human skin cells placed under modified cell sorting conditions. Evenly spaced cell clumps are visible as the placode forms, which are nanog positive in IHC staining. Other companies have reported success in forming hair follicles in vitro, but years have passed since some of these announcements, casting doubts on reproducibility. Our material is the most reproducible yet.

X-Gene Serum Free Tissue Medium-

500ml Cat. No. SF124

$300.00  each


8 well strips

$4,000.00 each


Is it time for honesty in health and beauty products? It starts by our customers understanding the current "state of the art" technologies generally available but not reliable. It is only then one can appreciate Xgene’s superior technologies.

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